Elite Nurse Clinic – Products & Services


Scope of service

A wide of range a services can be delivered via the clinic, the clinic nurse, and our ambulatory/mobile nurses and allied health care workers:

1. Home visits & home nursing procedures – self-injections, parental nutrition, peritoneal dialysis
2. Wound care
3. Stoma care
4. Central catheter care
5. Parenteral nutrition
6. Haemodialysis care
7. Intravenous administration
8. Parenteral and non-parenteral drug administration
9. Health assessment
10. Health consultation
11. Post natal care
12. Lactation consultation
13. Vaccination (with respect to doctor’s prescription)
14. Medication & Treatment advice and compliance surveillance (with respect to doctor’s prescription)
15. Disease & case management for chronic illnesses
16. Direct Referral and appointment booking to Medical Specialists of various specialties
17. Referral to specialists, dietitians, physiotherapists, speech therapists, clinical psychologists
18. Phone advice and follow-up
19. Private nursing arrangement
20. Sourcing of Medical supplies and equipment (e.g. beds, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.)

Service mode

1. Clinic visit
2. Home visit
3. Satellite service to workplace, office, hall, etc.

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