Elite Nurse Clinic

Elite Nurse Clinic

is the first comprehensive community nursing clinic to provide specialized nursing services to the patients in the private sector of Hong Kong with solid support from professional medical specialists.


Our clinic provides nursing care and treatment for you, your family and your loved ones by specially trained and qualified nurses. Our community nurses administer holistic nursing care in the community through clinic and home visits and educate you and your family on the subject of health promotion and disease prevention. The ultimate goal of our service is to provide continuous care for patients who are discharged from hospitals and allow them to recover in their home environment; and to maintain and assist patients towards achieving an optimal quality of life.


Our Goal

To provide one-stop health care service of excellent quality to clients and patients for better health and continuation of care.


Our Edge

  1. Managed and Operated by Advanced Nurse Specialist (Enterostomal Therapy)
  2. Administrated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in health care industry
  3. Direct connection to medical specialist consultants
  4. Solid back up from medical groups and strategic business partners


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