About Us

Elite Nursing Service ( “The Group” ) was established in 2010 and is formed by a team of professional nursing practitioners. Our group comprises TWO branches of services namely the Elite Nursing Agency and the Elite Nurse Clinic. The Group’s mission statement is “To provide Quality and Professional solutions, and to create value for our clients and our community.

The Group has built up an extensive team of nurses and allied health care providers, who are of different nationalities and are competent at various medical specialties and nursing fields. Our core businesses include: providing nursing and health care human resources to hospitals and institutes as staff relieving with nurse specialists whom the hospitals lack, for example intensive care nurses and nurses specialized in stoma and wound care; providing consultancy service in the area of medical and healthcare to corporate clients like insurance companies, airline companies; and to private patients as personal caretaker in the hospital and at home.

Since early 2011, The Group has been appointed by The Specialist Consortium, now a major medical group consists of 60 famed medical specialists in Hong Kong, as the exclusive nursing service provider to provide services like:

  • Management service to a nurse-lead inquiries hotline centre
  • Nursing escort and professional services for international assistance and repatriation
  • Medical kits preparation and professional service to an airline company
  • Health exhibition, health-care day, health assessment and promotion events, blood-taking service, trainings and education to major insurance companies and consultancies in Hong Kong.
  • Having identified the tremendous need with sparse supply of private nurse clinic and community nursing services for private patients in the market, The Group launched the first-of-its-kinds private nurse clinic in Hong Kong in 2012 and have taken the lead in providing a complete scope of community nursing services to the community.

Community nursing services (CNS) provides nursing care and treatment for patients in their own homes by a group of specially trained, qualified nurses. Community nurses administer nursing care to patients through home visits and educate patients and their families on the subject of health promotion and disease prevention. The ultimate goal of the service is to provide continuous care for patients who are discharged from hospitals and allow them to recover in their home environment.

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